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Material Sales

Petrin Corporation
is a full-line distributor and fabricator of Insulation Materials which are warehoused in our 50,000 square foot warehouse. Representing many companies in the Insulation business such as IIG,
ITW Insulation Systems - Pabco & Childers Metals, Pittsburgh Corning, Midwest Fasteners, Carboline, Duna-USA, Foster Products, and Sproule Manufacturing.

Abatement Supplies Ceramic Fiber Mineral Wool
Acoustical Products
Cut & Roll Metal Pins - Fasteners - Studs
Adhesives Expanded Perlite Removable Covers
Aluminum & Stainless Jacketing
Fabricated Insulation Ells
Safety Supplies
Blanket Supplies Fabricated Metal Ells Fireproofing
Calcium Silicate
High Temperature Fabrics
Cellular Glass Mastics Wire Mesh






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